• SAP Program Manager
    SAP Program Advisor providing independent oversight on quality and execution

    Our SAP program advisors with in-depth SAP project management and technology expertise keeps your SAP systems integrator in check, provides input to your leadership to make effective decisions, verifies project deliverables and manages project risks.

  • SAP Project Failure
    Best Practices for Success

    Failure of every project can be avoided. For this you need project and corporate executives to make right decisions. Our program advisor provides your project leadership with an independent expert advise to help the leadership make decisions on all areas of the project.

  • SAP Validation and Verification
    Verify IV&V Quality keeping SI and IV&V vendor in check

    We ensure that your validation and verification vendor is performing a thorough and comprehensive assessment of tasks, deliverables and implementation done by your SAP systems integrator. Our advisor closely monitors the output produced by the systems integrator as well as verification of reports produced by IV&V vendor.

  • SAP blueprint quality assessment
    Ensure Top Quality Blueprint foundation to SAP project success

    Our program advisor ensures all tasks and deliverables produced during blueprint are of high quality. We verify quality of business requirements, traceability, process designs, BPRD, fit gap analysis, org change strategy and solution architecture.

  • SAP project phase exit criteria
    Project Phase Exit Plan we monitor and manage phase entry and exit plan

    To avoid unforeseen challenges and risk to program failure, you need an independent expert to define and manage phase exit criteria. We verify all tasks, controls and deliverables that are associated with exit criteria and provide recommendation for exiting a phase of the project.

  • SAP project quality and risk management
    Advisory Oversight keeping risks and quality in control

    Our SAP Program Advisor continously conducts assessments and reviews to ensure that tasks are executed and deliverables are produced with high quality. We proactively identify, manage and mitigate risks by working colloboratively with the business, project leadership and your SAP systems integrator.

SAP program management, project delivery leadership and advisory services by the best in industry

SAP Blueprint Best Practices
Business Requirements Traceability
SAP Systems Integrator or Vendor Selection
SAP Project Risks
SAP Project Leadership Structure
SAP Project Delivery Executive Director
Tips to Ensure Success of Your SAP Implementation
  • SAP project scope is clearly defined in the contract or SOW

    The project executive sponsor should verify that contract (SOW) has a well defined scope which includes high level business requirements that must be fulfilled to transform your business to SAP.

  • Verify SAP expertise of key resources of SAP System Integrator (Vendor)

    Interview and select your SAP systems integrator resources by confirming these have the right level of expertise to deliver a high quality SAP solution. Some key roles on the project that must be carefully screened include Delivery Executive (prior SAP solution delivery expertise), Project Manager (SAP project management experience), Solution Architect (2 or more full cycles SAP solution expertise) and SAP functional/technical leads (relevant SAP functional or technical expertise).

  • Realistic project plan with detailed WBS and proper resource levelling

    Project work plan should have a detailed work breakdown structures (WBS) that show tasks, activities and milestones that provide accurate visibility of project progress to the leadership. Ensure that the plan is properly resource levelled to avoid overallocation of key resources on the project.

  • End-to-end business requirements traceability (forward and backward)

    All business requirements should be traced to a business process or non-functional attribute. SAP fit gap analysis should be performed on each requirement and should either have a standard SAP process covering the requirement or a RICEFW objects covering the gap. Finally every business requirement should be covered by at least one test scenario. This approach will ensure that all business requirements are covered in the solution and also tested thoroughly.

  • Comprehensive test coverage for all business processes

    Business leads and business process owners should validate that each business process is tested adequately with all possible variations. Variations may be to different originating or destination applications, input or output criteria, etc. Business process variations can be tested in one test case or there can be multiple test cases covering the variations.

  • Sign-off on deliverables upon thorough review and acceptance by Subject Matter Experts (SME)

    SAP project key deliverables such as BPRD (or BPD), fit gap analysis, RICEFW inventory, project charters, test plans, solution architecture, functional specifications, technical designs and other important project documents should be signed and approved by designated persons only after these deliverables are thoroughly reviewed by subject matter experts (and inspected by project advisor or program manager where necessary). Under no circumstances should the project deliverables be conditionally approved without being "100% done-done".

  • Verify large and complex SAP solution gaps with SAP

    We strongly recommend that large complexity (or effort) solution gaps indentified during blueprint be verified with SAP America or SAP AG. This could help your team check if SAP has an alternate solution or one being built in a release that project could leverage. Thus your project could avoid building some high cost enhancements in the event an alternative solution exists with SAP.

  • Validate RICEFW and overall realization estimates with your project advisor or internal technology expert

    A significant portion of SAP project realization effort is design, build and testing of RICEFW objects. Verify estimates and challengethe effort with RICEFW objects in regards to assigned complexity and negotiate priority of questionable or less business relevant RICEF objects. Make sure your systems integrator has provided you with effort matrix for high, medium and low complexity object of each RICEFW object type.

  • Review organisation change management and training plan with business stakeholders

    It is very important that OCM team has a actionable organisational change plan that incorporates feedback and action items from each business stakeholder. "Organisational Change Management Guide" document should be prepared that includes detailed strategy and execution plan to transform each unit of your organisation to SAP. This document along with periodic stakeholder satisfaction survey should be reviewed and approved by all stakeholders and signed off by executive sponsor of the project.

  • Tighter change control governance

    Every project should deploy a Change Control Review Board (CCRB) to ensure minimal "pain and suffering" on the project due to excessive change requests. The CCRB should be chaired jointly by the project executive sponsor and the project advisor. Project Advisor should review and challenge change requests that are questionable or otherwise could be avoided. Always look for alternatives to avoid or simplify the work effort or financial impact associated with each change request.

List of Project Deliverables
We are frequenty asked to provide a list of deliverables that need to be produced on an SAP implementation. Here is a list of some key deliverables that are vital to the success of the project :
  • Project Plan
  • Project Charters
  • Deliverable Templates
  • Project Status Reports
  • Project Risks & Issues Reports
  • Communication Plan
  • Org Change Strategy
  • Training Strategy & Plan
  • Business Requirements
  • Business Process Design
  • BPRD - Bus Reqs & Design Doc
  • Software Fit Gap Document
  • RICEFW Solution Inventory
  • RICEFW Development Strategy Doc
  • Staffing Model
  • Functional Specification
  • Technical Design Document
  • Configuration Rationale
  • Business Process Procedures - BPP
  • Unit Test Scripts
  • Integration Test Scripts
  • UAT Documentation
  • Integrated Solution Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Data Migration Strategy
  • Cutover Strategy
  • End user manual &dag;
  • Steering Committee Status Reports
If you have any questions regarding these deliverables, you may contact us by clicking here.

We are always looking for SAP program delivery leaders and industry experts with 10+ years of SAP implementation and leadership experience to join our teams. Our SAP advisory and program delivery practive has the following roles:
  • SAP Program Advisor
  • Senior SAP Program Manager
  • SAP Solution Architects
  • Executive Program Advisors
  • OCM & Training Advisor
  • SAP App Development Advisor
  • SAP Systems, Security & Network Advisor
If interested, please send your resume to jobs[AT]ciovp.com. Upon selection you will need to complete training to be a CIOVP certified SAP advisor in a specific discipline. We consider candidates for full time or contract positions. Only US Citizens or permanent residents may apply as we do not sponsor any visas.