Senior SAP Program Manager and IT & Business Transformation Executive who has led many large-complex 'troubled' SAP programs towards successful deployment

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  • Was Head of SAP Transformations for North America for a fortune 500 company where I championed FOUR large SAP programs with success which drove $3 Billion in revenue for North America as a result of these transformations.
  • Initially hired by North America CFO as SAP Program Manager to head a struggling SAP Program and within 8 months was asked to head all SAP and IT transformation initiatives for US and Canada based on the success of the first implementation
  • Successful also as a Business Transformation Program leader by heading several program on behalf of the CFO, CEO and other business executive stakeholders of the company
  • For 1.5 years, performed the role of interim Head of IT responsible for defining and setup of new IT organization for North America that included IT Delivery, Run & Maintain operations, Systems & Infrastructure, Architecture and COE-Support Organisation.
  • Previously, been a SAP Program Advisor reporting to Vice President of Business Applications in providing executive leadership and comprehensive oversight to large SAP implementation ($90 million) for a $7 Billion Global Fashion Retail Company
  • Executive Trusted Advisor to CIO and Vice President of IT for four SAP customers. These four engagements involved SAP technology evaluation, implementation vendor selection, SAP project review, SAP project failure investigation and program organisation setup.
  • Managed $90 million SAP project with approx 170 resources that included big 4 systems integrator, SAP America, multiple vendor companies and 30 legacy applications to be interfaced with future state SAP system.
  • 16 years of progressive SAP implementation experience in Transformation Executive Leadership, SAP Program Management, SAP Project Management, SAP Solution Architecture and Standard SAP product development. (starting with latest)
  • 17 full life cycle SAP implementation expertise (including 12 global SAP transformation projects). SAP implementations included diversified industries including retail, manufacturing, insurance, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, chemical, public sector, Oil & Gas
  • 18 years of overall IT experience in managing, deploying and designing complex enterprise applications.
  • Former SAP America leader and expert in deploying complex SAP systems
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Retained by SAP America & SAP AG as advisor and consulting expert after departure from SAP.
  • Recipient of two national awards for research & development in Science & Engineering
  • Experience with SAP HANA implementation as part of the overall transformation program


† All engagements including executive roles were CONTRACT engagements since 2005 through iii Technologies

Head of SAP Transformation (North America)
Interim Head of IT
Fortune 500 Company
New York Area
March 2013 - Present

Role: Started as SAP Program Manager and then Head of SAP & IT Transformation Programs for North America; Also for 1.5 years was Interim Head of IT

  • Initially engaged by North America CFO to serve as SAP Program Manager for a troubled and struggling major SAP project. Within 8 months the project successfully went live consolidating core as well as eight acquired business entities onto the Global SAP platform.
  • Promoted as the Head of SAP Transformation for US and Canada by the CFO after the success of the above program and since then deployed THREE additional large SAP implementations successfully.
  • Served as the interim Head of IT to define the new North American IT organisation that included Delivery, Systems & Infrastructure, Networking, Production Support and other IT work streams.
  • As SAP Program Manager, I led the entire program governance, strategy, quality, execution, executive stakeholder management, business and IT vendors, internal IT teams and also the change control board. I led the IT vendor selection process, implementation strategy, phase Q-gates, exit criteria and cutover controls for the program. These protocols and approach for each of these tasks were unique and followed iii Technologies proprietary templates & methods.
  • As Head of SAP Transformations for North America, I was chair of these programs and had 100% accountability for driving these programs to success. I led the overall business leadership as well as IT leads on the program by closely working with the PMO (Project Management Office), Business Stakeholders and Executive Sponsors for the program. Followed "Get to the Roots" approach to address program challenges and worked directly with business process, data management, IT architects/functional experts, leadership and whoever required to ensure the program is well on track to meet the established timelines and quality benchmarks.
  • In the role of Interim Head of IT, I was tasked to assess the current IT structure and work with the North America CFO on proposal to define the future state of the IT organisation. In the initial few months I had to provide qualitative assessment of North American IT resoures that included directors, senior managers and all the underlying IT personnel. Based on several iterations with the CFO and Global IT Head, a new IT organisation was defined including some immediate changes to the organisation that were required to regain productivity and efficiency within the organisation in order to serve internal business and corporate customers better.
  • Success of the above transformation programs that ran $3 Billion business in US and Canada was highly appraised by the CEO and CFO of North America along with Head of Canadian business and also the senior management of the company.
  • Each of these above SAP implementations involved multiple projects underneath, 3-7 IT vendors, teams located in North America, Europe and India. Also several areas of IT beyond the project were outsourced to third party providers that included production support, infrastructure, networking and select application development with maintenance.
  • These programs also included complex technology architecture involving SAP as core ERP system together with Vendavo, BusinessObjects, Vertex,, Tableau, IBM middleware, home-grown applications and many others

Industry : Manufacturing, Consumer Goods

Executive SAP Trusted Advisor
Multiple Client Engagements
thru iii Technologies
Aug 2010 - Present

Role: SAP Program Advisor to Chief Information Officer, CFO and VP advising on new SAP program setup, org structure, system integrator selection, governance, SOW execution, etc on 4 separate client engagements.

  • Advised CIO of global US consumer goods distributor with evaluation and selection of SAP packages
  • Conducted 3 week major SAP project failure investigation including fact finding, system evaluation, artifact and deliverables review with conclusive findings and recommendations that were discussed with senior corporate executives.
  • Led project audit for a mid-size SAP implementation that was put on hold. Included review of PMO work plan, spending, business & IT deliverables, blueprint documents, project staffing, etc.
  • Led OTC deployment that included SAP HANA on cloud deployment for use by business operations, manufacturing and ecosystem partners.

Industry : Public Sector, Consumer Goods, Retail

SAP Program Advisor
Leading Global Retail Company
Midwest US
12/2008 - 7/2010

Role: Trusted Advisor to Vice President of Business Applications, SAP Program Manager, Technology Expert.

  • SAP Program Advisor (Program Manager ) advising Vice President of Business Applications and program stakeholders on end-to-end program management aspects including vendor selection, SAP package selection, program budget & estimates, work plans, staffing, change control, business migration, OCM, training, stakeholder expectations and managing overall program. Included reviewing tasks, deliverables and project progress for each team on the project including business teams, PMO, Systems Architecture, OCM, RICEF Development, Business Intelligence, Systems Integration, etc.
  • Managed $90 million SAP program with approx 170 project resources that included systems integrator, SAP America, 5 third party vendor companies and 30 legacy applications to be interfaced with future state SAP system.
  • Business Case Preparation and Selection of SAP Packages
    • Analyzed business case, requirements and future growth plan with key stakeholders
    • Selected SAP packages to meet business needs and project budget
    • Established systems integrator (or SAP implementation partner) selection process
    • Facilitated request for proposals and evaluated vendor proposals & bids
    • Negotiated bids with vendors and optimized project bids
    • Assisted executives (AVP, VP and CIO) with selection of systems integrator together with program sponsor and steering committee
    • Reviewed SOW (Statement of Work) for project preparation phase
  • Review deliverables and provide feedback to workstream leads / team managers
    • Project Preparation : Team charters, change control process, templates (BPRD, functional specifications, technical designs and test plans)
    • Blueprint : BPRDs, fit/gap analysis, RICEF inventory, application layout
    • Realization : config rationales, functional specifications, technical design specifications, unit test plans, transport strategy, business migration strategy, disaster recovery/ business continuity strategy, training plan
    • Deploy & Go-Live
  • Ensure SAP implementation best practices
    • SAP UI (User Interface) design standards to meet business needs
    • ABAP coding standards and application architecture strategy and design patterns [Model-View-Controller]
    • Regression testing strategy to ensure end-to-end application integrity
    • Business process designs and modeling across all business workstreams
  • Estimations
    • Reviewed estimates for blueprint for each business workstream
    • Reviewed estimates for duration based workstreams such as tech arch, OCM, training and Program Management Office
    • Validated estimates with our proprietary "SAP Estimate Validator"
    • Worked with vendors and SI to refine the estimates by prioritizing scope and other program attributes
  • WorkPlans
    • Workplans for all work streams PMO, OCM, Business Work Streams, Integration, Legacy, Business Intelligence, Systems Arch, RICEF Development, Implementation
    • Workplans should match estimated effort for each task/wbs
    • Weekly PMO tracking and monitoring WBS tasks to the workplan and further comparing to estimated effort
    • Change requests handling for scope change etc when missing deadlines for these tasks
  • Solution Manager
    • Verified configuration and business process structure for to-be custom built portion of SAP solution
    • Reviewed setup and usage of Solution Manager to define business process steps and corresponding documentation
    • Promoted usage of CHARM to handle transport requests
  • Project Sourcing
    • Prepare staffing model to align with estimates and workplans for each team
    • Load balancing business, SAP functional and PM resources
    • Interview and select project resources (Conduct SAP functional, technical, BI, PI, BASIS, PMO and OCM interviews)
PM Tools : SAP Solution Manager, ClearQuest, SharePoint, Microsoft Project, CHARM, HP Quality Center, RWD

Project Manager
4 years
Development Manager [RICEF]
3 years
Solution Architect
3 years
SAP America
Jun 2001 - Sep 2008

Role: Progressive role with most recent as SAP Project Manager preceded by Development Manager, RICEF Lead, Solution Architect and SAP Technical Expert

  • $13 Billion consumer goods company
  • $1.6 Billion Global Flavors & Fragarance Company
  • $7 Billion Global Specialty Chemical Company
  • $16 Billion Leading World Food Company
  • $26 Billion World Leader in Chemicals & Polymer Products
  • Global Leader in Fibers, Resin and Intermediates
  • Global Manufacturer of Agricultural & Non-Ag Crop Science Products
  • $5 Billion Specialty Chemical Company
  • $62 Billion Worlds Leading Chemical Company
  • Leading Construction Products Manufacturer
  • Major Fruits & Flavors Company
  • $9 Billion Specialty Chemicals Company
  • $900MM Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
  • $4 Billion Major Latin American Petroleum Products Company

SAP Project Manager
4 years
  • Responsible for project management and product delivery for mid-size and large SAP implementations at SAP America & SAP AG.
  • Developed and managed project workplan, staffing model and delivery of big bang as well as phased SAP projects.
  • ASAP Methodology expert with having managed delivery of SAP project right from project planning phase through blueprint, realization, deployment and go-live.
  • Responsible for creation of proposals, managing pre-sales activities and setting up the project organisation for new SAP implementations.
  • Diverse SAP project management experience including deployment of standard SAP packaged solutions, custom developed solution by SAP core & Custom Development and hybrid SAP delivery model (SAP solution integrated with other third party solutions with moderate / heavy RICEF objects)
  • Led the project estimations at various milestones and Q-gates to forecast the remainder work effort and costs for project delivery.
  • Defined and enhanced project delivery templates for BPRD (Business Process Requirements & Design) documents, functional specifications, technical design document, org change management, training, configuration rationale, etc)
  • Managed issue and risks throughout the lifecycle of the project with its prioritization, allocation and resolution to keep the project on-track for delivery in time.
  • Managed and monitored business stakeholder expectations and overall organisational change through our OCM team.
  • Managed UAT, product, assembly and integration tests together with the QA Lead and managed quick resolution to issues and escalations during the testing phase.
  • On one project I managed work plans and teams using Agile SCRUM approach to deliver parts of the SAP product in a aggressive timeline to support a release.

SAP Development Manager [Standard & RICEF]
3 years
  • Managed estimations, work plans, staffing, delivery and quality of RICEF objects on projects handling between 20 up to 70 resources.
  • RICEF management except two projects included delivery of all reports, forms (SmartForms, SAP Script, Adobe Interactive Forms, MS Office Integration), enhancements, workflows and data conversion objects. On two projects my responsibilities included systems integration work stream (SAP PI) that included all internal and external interfaces.
  • Led hands-on reviews of functional specification reviews and handovers to technical team to ensure the functional specification were complete from business perspective so that these objects can be built effectively with minimal bottlenecks.
  • Managed the change control governance associated with the RICEF and custom developed objects
  • Reviewed the overall application architecture developed by my SAP technical architects and also verified the technical designs in random manner to ensure high quality of technical designs
  • Ensured together with RICEF sub-team leads that RICEF objects are delivered within the estimates and adjusted resources / execution where objects delivery was delayed or incomplete.
  • Worked with SAP BASIS team to effectively migrate transports from development environment to QA followed by production.
  • Led and managed estimations of RICEF objects at various project milestones.
  • Led and managed e-SOA enablement for the industry solution.
  • Served as a conduit with the SAP functional and business team leads to manage and communicate the delivery of RICEF objects in time.
  • Led partner product integration with SAP ECC 6.0 core solution
  • As RICEF Development Manager, I managed SAP internal, project, customer and SI Partner SAP technical resources that were all part of the RICEF teams.

SAP Solution Architect & Technical Expert
3 years
  • Part of SAP Standard Application development group responsible for design, architecture and build of core SAP modules
  • Led blueprint requirements gathering workshops as a SAP Solution Architect together with providing guidance to project consultants as a SAP systems integration and deployment expert
  • Led fit gap analysis on the business requirements and performed fit gap analysis on complex requirements.
  • Prototyped special business scenarios in Sandbox to gain business alignment and also verified prototypes that were built by other project technical team members
  • Defined project functional and technical design templates along with setting naming standards and ABAP/ RICEF development guidelines.
  • Developed technical designs for heavy / complex ABAP development objects. Conducted technical design reviews for all RICEF objects for the technical team.
  • Created and also managed work plans and work breakdown structures for the RICEF team
  • Managed large team development and overall code transport strategy to migrate transports effectively across the system landscape.
  • Created automated, manual and regression tests using eCATTs and BDC
  • Served as conduit between the SAP technical and business teams to provide overall SAP technology guidance and eliminate any project bottlenecks.
  • Led, designed and architected a heavy SAP custom developed solution for a fortune 500 client as a pilot implementation.
  • Supported several SAP prospect demos and request for proposals
  • Supported existing SAP customers and served as a architect and technical expert on major SAP escalations

Senior Business Applications Analyst Enterprise Applications Company 1997 - 2000
Role : Product Development & Applications Team Management
  • Responsible for enterprise transaction engine product development and development team management for 1 year. Led requirements gathering, design, build, testing and release management of suite of enterprise applications for financial services, retail and manufacturing industry.
  • Team lead for 1.5 years responsible for development, delivery and maintenance for e-commerce portal


Recipient of two national awards for research contributions to science & technology


Master of Science in Engineering from Purdue University
BS in Engineering


  • SAP Program Management
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Service Enabled Architecture (SOA)
  • SAP Implementation Methodology Best Practices
  • Agile Project Management in SAP
  • SAP Project Management
  • SAP Systems Integration (SAP PI 7.1 EhP 1)
  • SAP Solution Architecture
  • SAP Change Control Governance
  • Org Change Management to SAP
  • SAP Custom Development - Project Management
  • SAP RICEF Development Management
  • Offshore SAP Project Management & Governance
  • SAP Project Execution Best Practices
  • Design functional/technical specifications
  • SAP Mobile & Cloud Computing
  • SAP Document Management System
  • SAP Program Risk Mitigation
  • SAP Deliverables Approval & Quality Management
  • SAP IV&V - Independent Validation & Verification
  • SAP Costs & Budget Management
  • SAP Project Advisory Best Practices

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