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Independent Verification & Validation for SAP Projects

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Independent Verification and Validation is a very crucial software quality control process every company implementing mission critical software like SAP should leverage to minimize risk of project failure and also to ensure that your SAP implementation will turn out the way you expect. is a unique valuable service for SAP implementations provided by our industry experts in SAP. Most of our SAP IV&V Executives are former leaders, project management and technology experts who have at least 10 years experience working on large SAP projects with SAP America or Big 4 consulting companies.

CIOVP IV&V - Unbiased Audits & Assessment

Most of the Independent Verification and Validation companies are internally associated with their SAP professional services departments or have partnership arrangements with products and third party services companies. We have the best in the industry SAP IV&V Experts and to ensure that our service is truly "independent", we have intentionally not partnered with SAP America, SAP AG or any big 4 SAP consulting companies. This allows us to audit and assess SAP project execution and deliverables without any external influence.

Why choose us as your SAP Project IV&V experts ?

We are very proud to have the SAP program management and technology experts who have worked with SAP and big 4 consulting companies for several years. Each of our SAP Verification and Validation Executive Advisor has 10+ years of SAP implementation and project management experience. We also have our own proprietary 54 point verification system to independently audit and assess the health of your SAP project. We are strong advocate of smart practices in SAP implementations that include blueprinting, business requirements gathering, RICEF development, business process modelling in SAP, custom development, go-live readiness and cutover strategy, etc. We have a very versatile and efficient engagement models as IV&V vendor for your SAP project. We can provide you with only one SAP Verification and Validation Executive (VVE) who will oversee all aspects of verification and validation of your requirements, design and build at a reasonable level of depth. Or we can also engage as a team led by an executive supported with business process, application development (RICEF & Custom Dev), BASIS & security and testing experts. Our SAP Verification & Validation Executive have at least 12 years experience in leading, advising and implementing SAP systems. Our IV&V project leaders and technical experts are carefully chosen by none other than our founder who is the SAP industry leader is championing and advising large SAP projects in the world. For most implementations, we offer 100% professional services money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service within first 2 weeks of our engagement.

What we validate and verify as your SAP IV&V advisors ?

Our IV&V practice developes unique custom audit and assessment plan for every SAP project we serve to ensure that your systems implementation is complete, correct and error-free. We use our proprietary state of art tool "PROHERA" to assess the health and risks in your SAP implementation. So what do we check on a typical SAP project ? While every SAP project is unique, there are certain business, technical and project management aspects we evaluate that are crucial to the success of the project. We have listed a few of them here by project phase:

SAP Blueprint Verification

  • Business Requirements are accurately captured and complete. Also verify that these requirements are detailed and accompanied by business examples where necessary to corrrectly depict the future state business needs.
  • Business Process Designs aligns with industry best practices and/or standard delivered SAP solution. Verify traceability of functional business requirement to the L1, L2 or L3 business process steps.
  • Verification of SAP Software Fit Gap Analysis done on each business requirement and individual L2 & L3 business process step. Review "gaps" and results RICEF objects required to address these gaps.
  • Verify RICEF Development Estimates towards the end of blueprint phase
  • Review and verification of Overall Solution Architecture including integration of SAP system with external systems and internal legacy systems that are not decommissioned.

SAP Design & Build Phase Verification

  • Verify Functional Specifications are well defined and correctly meet the business requirements associated with the RICEF objects.
  • Verifly that Technical Design Documents have the required level of detail and enhancements to user interface, application layer and persistence layer including SAP Data Dictionary objects are properly documented.
  • Confirm that SAP technical designs fulfill the functional design and business requirements.
  • Verify updated overall solution architecture document and confirm that all enhancements to SAP standard functionality and key custom developed objects are accurately represented in the architecture.
  • Verify testing documentation (UAT, integration, product and assembly tests) is complete and ensure that all business as well as non-functional requirements are covered in at least ONE test case.

QA & Validation on a SAP Project

On each SAP project we establish checkpoints and milestones to validate that SAP solution being developed, enhanced, configured and tested align with business requirements and designs. Scope and boundaries are defined after discussing the IV&V expectations laid by our customer executive leadership. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) often include business, technical, organizational change and project governance.

Some of the areas we focus during validation of your SAP implementation include:
  • Validation of overall SAP solution architecture and representation of standard SAP components and RICEF objects on the solution architecture layout.
  • Validation of internal SAP system integration points and external systems interfaces with SAP.
  • Ensure 100% business requirements coverage in either standard SAP solution or by a RICEF object.
  • Validate that all business requirements, business scenarios (and variations) and business processes are covered by at least one test case in the UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
  • Validate all business process that include external systems are covered by at least one assembly and integration test case that test the end to end business process.
  • Validation of SAP system to handle peak transaction volumes for key or frequently accessed business processes.