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SAP Project Failure analysis

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When we are invited as SAP technology and program execution experts to audit your SAP project, it is not about Who to blame . We are more focused in understanding what is perceived to have gone wrong followed by our own analysis of your project and then sharing our findings with your executive leadership with recommendations to fix / revive your SAP implementation.

Per my 2 cents, nobody (your project leadership and the SAP systems integrator) goes into a SAP project with the intention of making it fail. Every company on your SAP project ideally wants your project to succeed. Some initial wrong decisions related to resources, leadership, execution, project management and reporting can lead to an overall failure of an SAP project. Every SAP project is different because of unique business model of the customer and different project engagement dynamics of multiple vendors / releases / technologies / external systems.

I follow my own principles, best practices and project investigation philosophies to evaluate an SAP project. Some people are curious to know how I operate when analyzing a failed SAP project ? I could certainly share information at a macro level on this website, but to be specific is impossible as every SAP project is different and stage / reasons for failure are unique to every SAP project.

Here are some of the activities at a macro level when I audit SAP projects :
  • Meet with CIO, executives and internal project leadership to understand what is perceived to have gone wrong on your SAP project. Gather any material, facts and documents that supports this discussion.
  • Meet with the project leadership and PMO to understand the plan, timeline, budget and execution of your SAP project. I may have meetings with specific sub-teams within the project to gain more understanding on the work plans, budget spending, etc. This information serves as an input for me to understand your expectations and engagement terms you had with the vendor (SI or Systems Integrator).
  • Review the progress to date against each phase and milestone of the project till date. Examine the deliverables and approvals on these deliverables by business leads.
  • Examine key deliverables produced to satisfy completion of work for each project milestone such as project charters, business process designs, fit gap analysis, RICEF solution inventory, solution architecture and SAP / full-systems landscape architecture.
  • Examine quality of solution focused deliverable such as SAP RICEF functional specifications, technical designs, configuration rationales and test procedures. Evaluate business leads and SME approval of these deliverables against RACI chart. Verify proper solution and deliverable
  • and much more. For more information on SAP Project Review please contact us directly using the contact us page.