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RICEF Development Management Advisory Service

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RICEF Development Management Advisory Service is a unique independent oversight provided for SAP projects which is dedicated to ensure high quality design and build of RICEF objects while ensuring the project stays on track for delivery on time and within budget.
Our advisors include former SAP America & big 4 leaders, senior managers and executives. All these executives are best in the industry and are carefully selected by our chief advisor Deepak.
Like any of our advisory service, if you decide to engage our advisor on your SAP project and if you are not satisfied with the value we bring to your project then we will gladly refund 100% of our professional fees.

SAP Technical Director
Our RICEF Development Management Advisory Services are structured to suit the specific needs of our clients implementing SAP. This allows all companies implementing SAP to take advantage of our expertise depending on their project stage, challenges and budget allowance. You can engage us as QA and implementation advisor for the full lifecycle or phase of the project. Or you can also engage us to perform a project quality review or development QA and deliverables review. If you have specific project challenges or need expert guidance then you can schedule a telephone consultation. We are very flexible to adjust our offering based on our client needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of things you would oversee during realization phase of our SAP project if we were to engage an advisor from your company ?

  • Validate that RICEF inventory is in line with fit gap analysis performed during blueprint phase
  • Validate RICEF and overall realization phase estimates
  • Conduct QA review on key RICEF functional design specifications
  • Conduct QA review of key RICEF technical design documents
  • Review end-to-end solution architecture (SAP systems and all external systems)
  • Conduct ABAP code and technical implementation reviews on select RICEF objects (PI & BI)
  • Verify RICEF designs conforms to all business requirements associated with the gaps. Verify 100% requirements traceability from business requirements to testing.
  • Submit "QA Advisory Report" on a periodic basis to project with up to date quality assessment of RICEF objects. Also share key risks and issues with recommendations for quick resolution.
  • Verify thorough unit, integration, assembly and user acceptance testing. Ensure 100% business requirement coverage during testing.
  • Work closely with your outsourcing vendor and visit offshore delivery center to ensure effective org setup and high quality solution delivery

How do the client get visibility into your advisory activities once you engage on a SAP implementation ?

On every SAP project where we engage as an "Advisor", we create two periodic reports i.e. "QA Advisory Report" and "Executive Advisory Report". Typically "QA Advisory Report" report is submitted to our direct report on the project on a bi-weekly basis and include all the activities, outputs, deliverables and project practices we have reviewed during the two weeks. Key positives and shortcomings during these reviews are highlighted in the report with corrective actions and recommendations that were made to the teams to address any problems that were identified. Any risks or issues are identified and recommended actions to mitigate these risks are included.
"Executive Advisory Report" is the report that is submitted every 4-6 weeks to the project sponsor or steering committee that presents an executive summary of QA Advisory Report to the executive leadership. Typically this report is reviewed by the project sponsor or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) before being submitted to the steering committee. This report is optional and submitted if our client exclusively asks us to include this report in addition to the standard QA Advisory Report.

How often does an RICEF Advisor come onsite at project location ?

When we are engaged for a specific phase or full life cycle of an SAP project, our engagement is typically onsite fulltime. We will be onsite at the project location from Monday until Thursday every week (36-40 hours) for the duration of the contract. We do work offsite on Fridays' (up to 4 hours on a Friday) but we also incorporate our internal company and other business meetings into our Friday schedule.

Do you offer any special discounted rates for government or public sector organisations for the advisory services ?

We review each government or other public sector engagement on a case by case basis. Typically we offer up to 10% discount on our billing rates to public sector SAP implementations.

We are the SAP Systems Integrator and would like to engage your advisory services to take advantage of the best practices for RICEF development management. Would you work with us ?

We typically work with the SAP clients directly. On some occasions we have worked with the SAP systems integrators but we will commit only after reviewing your request on a case by case basis.

Are you a partner of SAP or any big 4 consulting company ?

We provide 100% unbiased and independent advisory service to our customers. We have intentionally not partnered with SAP or any consulting company including big 4 firms so as to avoid any conflict of interest that would prohibit us from provide 100% unbiased and neutral advise to our customers.