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SAP Fixed Fee Implementation - What You Need To Know To Be Successful

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  • Your business requirements should be defined clear enough to be included in the Statement of Work (SOW).
  • In a fixed fee SAP project the systems integrator is generally at liberty to staff the project per their choice. But ensure that you still have proactive measures in place to avoid obvious mistakes that can derail your project.
  • You get what you paid for.... If you do not review and approve all deliverables properly that are part of SOW then you may end up with a poor quality SAP system which may lead to huge cost overruns later in the project. If you approve the deliverables without proper review then you will be held responsible for the system issues.
  • In a fixed fee SAP implementation, the systems integrator will most like insist your team members to signoff on deliverables quickly to meet deadlines. While you should try to be as quick as possible to meet delivery gates, ensure that you have reviewed and tested the deliverables before approving them.
  • Test! Test! Test! You should test your business processes (end-to-end) thoroughly before any signoffs. Include members from the RTB prior to go-live to ensure you had multiple users testing each of your business scenarios. Better testing will result in a high quality SAP solution and a smoother go-live.
  • Enforce strict change control governance run under oversight of an independent SAP project advisor to avoid unplanned cost overruns.