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SAP Project QA Audit and Failure Analysis - A Unique Advisory Service

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Is your SAP project crumbling apart or is it on a challenging high risk path raising uncertainty about its future ? SAP is a miracle technology that effectively integrates all parts of your business as well as systems if implemented correctly. Any SAP project could go off track and eventually fail if not led and managed properly throughout it's lifecycle. Some SAP projects are rather large and complex involving multiple phases and several IT vendors to meet one common goal of the customer. Add to this mix the aggressive timeline, budget and capabilities of systems integrator. If all of these attributes are not well managed and controlled throughout the project, it could lead to an overall project failure.

SAP Project Failure Investigation
Analyze, Accept & Fix
SAP Project QA Review and Failure Analysis is an advisory service provided to the CIO / VP to enable your executive leadership to achieve one or more of the following objectives:
  • Examine Project Failure: Involves initial fact finding and understanding the current state of the SAP project from the client leadership and other key personnel. Review of project execution plans , phases that were completed and analysis of PMO reports. Artifacts produced during each phase may be reviewed for individual project work streams. These include but not limited to PMO, OCM, business, SAP BASIS & infrastructure, application development, business intelligence, systems integration, business continuity and overall SAP program governance. Every SAP project is different and the state "failed" may mean different to each client. So the process of analyzing each SAP project failure is likely to be different with the others. For more details on my approach to examining a SAP Project Failure, click here.
  • Project Revival: Assessing the current state of your SAP project involves several steps which involve meeting project team members at all levels, reviewing deliverables as well as assessing project leadership capabilities and actions. Based on what was asked by the CIO or C-level / executive leadership of your company, I review the key facts, findings and discuss what went wrong with these executive leaders. During this meeting, I will discuss key mistakes and shortcomings that were found during the project review. Revival of your SAP project may involve several steps that can be taken by your leaders. These recommendations will be provided in a formal report to the above executive leadership and executive sponsor of your SAP project. Some of my recommendations to get your SAP project back on track may involve:
    • Changes to leadership within your systems integrator
    • Alter onsite - offshore ratio
    • Change to key project resources such as SMEs, technology experts, architects, etc if needed
    • Revise execution methology in a way that client and SI can effectively monitor project specific goals and milestones
    • Revise timeline and adjust budget where needed
    • Changes to program governance
  • Insight to Leadership Has your project repeatedly missed milestones and deadlines ? Has your SAP implementation exceeded costs over planned budget ? These are just a few indicators that might lead your CIO & CEO believe that the project is on a rocky course. At this point the corporate executives may benefit from an unbiased and independent point of view on the project.
  • Expert Witness : Not every SAP project goes the merry way ! In some special and extreme circumstances an SAP implementation may end up in a legal suit. Lawsuits are filed most likely by the SAP customer either on the systems integrator or other vendor(s) involved on the project. On rare occasions a reverse case may also occur. Some reasons for which lawsuits are filed on SAP projects include :
    • SAP Systems not implemented and configured properly thereby resulting in production malfunction, business functions not working correctly, errors or incomplete reports generated out of the SAP system, etc.
    • Project delivered incomplete compared to original scope and statement of work
    • Cost overruns beyond a point where the SAP customer cannot afford to spend given their other business priorities. A huge cost overrun could halt the overall SAP implementation and the client may and the SAP SI may work to resolve the issues mutually. If a resolution is not reached between the client and SAP systems integrator, then the client might pursue the legal route.

       As an SAP Expert Witness I serve as the SAP technology and program execution expert either working for the plaintiff or the defendant. Before engaging on any assignment as the SAP expert witness, I try my best to ensure that I can perform my tasks such as fact finding, artifacts review and expert report creation in an independent unbiased manner. Depending on my other engagements, I may work as a Non-testifying Expert where I evaluate a case and provide my finding internally to the attorney that I work with and also limiting my time from my prime time engagement as a SAP Trusted Advisor.

Output of Project QA Review of Your SAP Implementation

When I engage with the client executive leaders in understanding the current state of the project, I explain the steps and process I will be following for my analysis. Also I shall clearly communicate the results and report that will be produced out of my exercise so that everyone including CIO, executive client leaders and myself are all aligned on the expectations.