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SAP Solution Manager

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SAP Solution Manager or SolMan is a tool provided by SAP that allows you centrally manage your SAP system including configuration, system operations along with landscape and other technical tools to make manage your systems.

What you need to know about SAP Solution Manager ?

  • Allows you to manage your business and system processes in a systematic way. Many SAP industry solution have a well defined SAP SolMan structure and customers implementing these packages should leverage the system as much as possible.
  • Document repository to store the BPP (business process procedures), BPRD (business process requirements & design) documents, functional specifications and configuration rationales asscoiated with each business process. This will help project team members and business users after go-live find all necessary documentation to operate, maintain and enhance the SAP system.
  • Use CHARM (Change Request Management) functionality in Solution Manager to manage your changes across multiple system landscapes. These changes include configuration, ABAP code, master data setup, etc.
  • I am not a big fan of using SolMan for test management. You should consider more robust test management tools for SAP like HQ Quality Center.
  • Service Desk: I highly recommend you use the service desk in SolMan that allows you to create and manage internal support messages. You can also search and apply OSS notes