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SAP Program Advisor - One Unbiased SAP Expert & Leader You Can Trust

Having an independent set of eyes overseeing your SAP project can be more valuable to your project than you can ever imagine. This could sound like a marketing pitch but its truly not. You must be asking yourself that if you have seasoned internal executives than why do you need a Project Advisor. Here is precisely why I put together my thoughts on how a good SAP Project Advisor can make the real difference.
  • Your executives sometimes cannot take right decisions even if they wish: You may have chosen the best of your vice presidents, directors and senior leaders to run your SAP project. On lot of projects I have seen executives cannot be vocal about a decision even if it is right or critical for the project. Because it may lead to conflict with other project executives or even the higher ups. Each of your executive can discuss your challenges and decision you wish to take with the project advisor. The project advisor is not an employee of your company and as such he can freely work with your CIO without any influence or fear. So he is in the best position to take decisions that are right for your project. He will work through all internal politics and each of your executives should discuss your decisions with the project advisor.
  • Navigate through your corporate politics : I have seen many large corporation that I worked have a highly political environment when executives or even business make decisions. A project advisor can define process and timeline to take decisions in timely manner.
  • Keep your systems integrator in check: If you are implementing SAP for the first time than your internal executives may not be experts with SAP technology and project execution. You need an independent external leader to validate proposals from your SI. You also want someone to verify the project methodology, estimates and review proposals from the SI. Several SAP projects fail because the systems integrator brought SAP resources onboard who you later realized where not experience or qualified in specific SAP solution. An SAP Project Advisor can be of tremendous value for interviewing all systems integrator leadership, SAP resources and other resources that join your project.